Scott® Brand Racing’s Pic to Win Sweeps

Switching to Scott® Products takes your bathroom experience to the next level. Scott® Brand Racing’s Pic to Win Sweeps takes that upgrade up a notch by improving your bathroom with a $25,000 makeover and by enhancing your NASCAR experience with behind-the-scenes passes.
And all you have to do is snap a pic to enter for your chance to win.

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Welcome to the Winner’s Circle

Two $25,000 bathroom upgrades

Upgrade your own personal pit stop with not one, but TWO, chances to win.

Eight pit-row nascar passes

Win an exclusive weekend pass to any 2015 race. And with EIGHT up for grabs, there’s enough bona fide NASCAR entertainment to go ’round.

How to Enter

1 PIC: Take a pic of your out-of-date bathroom.

2 POST: Upload it and post to our gallery.

3 WIN: Now you’re automatically entered for a chance to win both prizes.

About Scott® Brand Racing

Scott® is a proud sponsor of the No. 47. This year’s No. 47 driver is new – AJ Allmendinger, who races behind the wheel of a brand-new Chevy SS. New driver and new car for us. New bathroom and new NASCAR experience for you!

Follow No. 47 all season long

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