How Many Tubes Do You Use?

Over 17 billion TP tubes are used each year. That's enough to fill the Empire State Building, twice. How many of those belong to your household? Answer the three questions below to see how many TP tubes you'll eliminate by tossing the tube for good.

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How many


are in your household?

Every second, 538 TP tubes are used in the U.S.

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How many


are in your household?

The average person spends three years on the toilet over the course of their life.

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How many

guys and gals

are in your household?



Guys use more toilet paper, but gals use it more frequently.

We're sorry, but something doesn't add up. Please make sure your guys and gals number adds up to your total household size.

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Your Household's Estimated Lifetime Tube Usage


That's enough TP tubes to fill an entire SUV. Toss the tube for good.

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Why Toss The Tube For Good?

Enough TP tubes are used each year to fill the Empire State Building, twice. With Scott® Tube-Free Bath Tissue, you can get premium softness without the wasteful tube.

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