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With a highly rated Scott® product for every part of your home, and more than one way to get them there, we’ve got your family covered.

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Get the job done with septic-safe toilet paper that dissolves quickly, is free of scents or perfumes and is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Scott comfort plus 4pk Front angle

Scott® ComfortPlus™

3x stronger than the leading bargain brand, Scott® ComfortPlus™ toilet paper is sewer-safe, septic-safe and clog-free toilet paper.

Scott 1000 Long Lasting Packshot

Scott® 1000

Scott® 1000 toilet paper is America’s #1 long lasting brand with 1000 sheets per roll of septic-safe toilet tissue for fewer roll changes.


Scott® Rapid-Dissolving

Scott® Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper is septic-safe toilet paper that’s perfect for your RV and breaks down 10x faster vs the leading brand.


Scott® Choose-a-Sheet, disposable paper towels deliver consistently by cleaning messes fast with Rapid Ridges and absorbing faster than the leading value brand.

6 pack rolls of Scott Brand paper towels

Scott® Paper Towels

Scott® Brand disposable paper towels clean messes fast with Rapid Ridges to get the job done.


Scott® Do It Yourself products are strong enough to stand up to tough tasks, like home improvement or garage-cleaning, and reliably get the job done.

Scott® Shop multi-purpose workshop towels

Scott® Shop Towels

Multi-purpose towel that’s 2x more durable when wet when compared to the leading value kitchen brand towel and absorbent for cleaning up grease, liquid, oils and spills.

Scott® All-Purpose Rags in a Box

Scott® Rags In A Box

Take on the toughest home improvement jobs with disposable Scott® Rags in a Box, solvent-resistant and 7x stronger when wet than the leading value brand paper towel.

Heavy-duty multipurpose cleaning wipes

Scott® Xtreme Cleaning Wipes

Scott® Xtreme Cleaning Wipes are the perfect heavy duty wipe solution for Lawn & Garden, Home, Automotive, & More.

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