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Party-Prep Checklist

Scott® Brand


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It’s easy to throw a party. Mix together all the essentials – people you like, food, drinks, music, disposable plates/cups/utensils, more food and drinks – and there you have it!


But to ensure everyone has the best time possible, you need to think of everything. In addition to the party planning checklist basics mentioned above, there are some why-didn’t-I-think-of-that add-ons that will make your party a hit. And the easier the party is on your psyche and your budget, the more likely you’ll want to do it all over again, real soon.

picture of different party favors food on table

Add-ons to Your Party Planning Checklist

These may seem simple, or even obvious, but in the barrage of activities leading up to a party, it’s easy to forget some of the niceties. They can make all the difference in whether your affair is fun or glum for your guests.

  • Use an email Calendar invitation to notify your guests – and track their responses. Include the exact time frame, too, especially closing time. You’ll be glad you did when you – and your food supply – are wearing down a few hours into the soiree.

           Plus, use the invitation to start a Spotify Group Session playlist, so everyone can add in their  favorite must-play party tunes.

  • Are your menu items easy-to-eat? It’s tough to balance a knife and fork, and plate filled with cuttable morsels (not to mention a drink cup), if you’re standing or moving around. Finger foods – like small pre-filled tacos or grilled chicken kabobs – work wonders.
  • Yes, burgers and brats still rock … but your more discerning guests will appreciate the effort to accommodate them. So, when planning your menu, add a few vegan and/or gluten-free food options, and label them accordingly.
  • Speaking of labeling … place a few permanent markers by the drink cups, so people can write their names on them (it’s a great waste-saver).
  • Lots of ice. Buy extra bags because, well, ice melts fast. And nobody wants to drink a lukewarm cosmo
  • … and fill a small, inflatable baby pool with ice and drinks. Much more fun than rummaging through the refrigerator or a cooler. Put it in the yard (if the party’s outside) or in the garage (if indoors).
  • Indoors or out, you won’t have enough chairs. Trust us. Ask close friends or neighbors if they’ll bring some folding chairs to the party.
  • Your living room/family room/kitchen aren’t necessarily set up for large gatherings. Rearrange the furniture to make it easier to mingle … or even dance to that amazing crowdsourced playlist!
  • Put away the bathroom hand towels. Use paper towels, instead. Nobody wants to wipe their hands on grubby, frequently used hand towels. And we recommend you use Scott Paper Towels. They’re absorbent, cost-effective and responsibly sourced. They get the job done – so you and your guests can rush back to the party!
  • ALWAYS keep the bathroom stocked with extra rolls of toilet paper! Scott 1000 is American’s #1 long lasting value brand, making it great for guests and your wallet.
  • Create a photo spot. Hey, it works at theme parks. And if your party has an honoree, you could blow up a suitably embarrassing photo of them as the backdrop.
  • Trash it up. Have obvious or well-marked trash cans spaced around the party area (and change the trash bags frequently). It’s better than discovering a half-filled plate sitting behind your sofa or on a bookshelf.
  • Take-home options. Worried about leftovers? Clean out your used Tupperware drawer, and – as the party winds down – place containers adjacent to the food. Encourage your guests to fill ‘em up and go.

With these extra steps, your party is sure to be a success. But we bet you have a few party-tested tips of your own. Please build on the ideas we’ve listed, or share your own, via social media channels. Remember to use the tag #KeepLifeRolling.

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