How is Recycled Toilet Paper Made? What is Toilet Paper Made of? Bathroom Tips to be Sustainable and Septic Safe

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Do you care if the products you buy are sustainable? Do you know what toilet paper is made of or how toilet paper is made? Did you know your choices can greatly impact our planet and everyone on it?

Nearly two-thirds (66%) of consumers, across all age groups, take the sustainability of products and/or packaging into account when making purchasing decisions, according to a 2021 survey. And that preference is even greater for younger audiences, as 75% of millennials factor sustainability into their purchasing decisions.

At Scott®, we want you to understand what sustainability means, why our paper products are sustainable and septic safe, and simple choices you can make to keep life rolling.

What Does Sustainably Sourced Mean?

One of the best ways of determining if a product is environmentally friendly is to see if it is certified by a third-party testing organization. One of the most respected is the >Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which for 26 years has promoted environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

If a wood- or paper-based product is FSC certified and bears the FSC label, that means the materials used in the product are sourced from certified forests that are responsibly managed to prevent deforestation; or come from 100% recycled content. Click here to see how our sustainably sourced products are made.


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Why Scott® Makes Green Paper Products

Scott Brand has a long history full of firsts, from 1807 through today, and continues to be the industry leader in going green.  For a fun, interactive look at our history, check out our story.

All Scott tissue products are FSC certified – and we were the first U.S. tissue maker to offer FSC-certified consumer tissue products. All of the fibers that go into making our tissue products come from responsibly sourced and certified suppliers who are committed to preserving forest habitats, biodiversity and water quality. That includes Scott® Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper, which is the #1 choice made for RVs and boats because it dissolves quickly to prevent clogs, thanks to 100% biodegradable tissue and clog-free technology.

Scott® Comfort Plus™ and Scott® 1000 are also septic safe, clog free and 100% biodegradable meaning you can trust any Scott bath product to be sustainable, reliable and safe for your plumbing.


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How to be a More Sustainable Consumer

Shopping smart and sustainably can be easier than you might think – if you aren’t doing it already. Plus, it can keep the Gen Z family members satisfied since 90% report it being an important factor when buying goods.

Try these four tips to help keep things green:

  1. Read the labels –

    By learning what’s in the products we use, you can keep your family safe from harmful ingredients while making sure they are used properly and effectively.  Always look for warnings commonly found near the directions/use description.

  2.  Look for other environmental certifications

    Many other independent, non-profit organizations test and certify products that meet or exceed their environmental sustainability standards. Look for these certification symbols on products, which ensure they meet stringent environmental standards. A few of the most respected certifications are:

    • Green Seal is a pioneer in the eco-labeling movement. Its certification mark is a universal symbol that a product or service meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership.
    • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified™ certification is for personal care, cleaning and baby care products. Its certification mark ensures a company’s products meet the nonprofit organization’s strict standards for transparency with ingredients and production practices.
    • ENERGY STAR is a voluntary government-backed program dedicated to protecting the environment through energy efficiency. Its mark is the national symbol for energy efficiency, making it easy to identify high-quality, energy-efficient products, homes, and commercial and industrial buildings.
    • VeriFlora is a sustainability certification program for cut flowers and potted plants. Its label indicates flowers and plants have been produced in a manner that emphasizes environmental performance, social responsibility, and product quality.
    • WaterSense, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is both a label for water-efficient products and a resource for helping save water.
  3. Avoid single use plastics – reports that 335 million metric tons of plastic are produced each year with half of that destined for single use before it ends up in a landfill or the ocean—where it will remain forever, never decomposing.  Buy reusable, refillable bottles instead.

  4. Upcycle – 

    In order to cut down on waste, try creating new uses for old items, otherwise known as upcycling. Take old bags to the store and use them to carry home your products, turn old      clothes into reusable autobody rags, fill plastic containers with soil for pants or use them for kids’ arts & crafts.


How do you make sure the products you purchase are environmentally friendly and/or sustainably sourced? Share your suggestions for finding sustainably sourced products on your social media channels. Remember to use the tag #KeepLifeRolling. For a comprehensive list of organizations that certify sustainably sourced products, click here.

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