What to Bring Camping for Fun in the Great Outdoor & How to Prepare Your Camping Supplies

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Traditionally, camping season starts in April and extends through September or even early October depending on your area. For most outdoor adventures, summer seems to work best for schedules due to school breaks, national holidays, and the sunny, warm weather.

According to a survey from Kampgrounds of America (KOA) – camping has become an increasingly popular form of leisure travel. Forty percent of trips last summer involved camping and 80% of leisure travelers choose to camp or glamp for some of their journeys.

Looks like we’re in the midst of a trend. First, let’s make sure you have all the proper camping supplies whether you’re traveling with friends or family. REI Experts have a great guide listed here – don’t forget to check out the extras section for games, first aid kits, sunscreen and bug spray.

Now that you know what to bring camping, let’s ensure your camping trip meets your expectations.

Staying Connected

Yes, we say we want to get away from it all by sitting around a roaring campfire or sleeping under the stars. But modern conveniences are nice; some might say, essential. For example, the KOA survey reveals that nearly half (46%) of campers worked remotely during a portion of their trips, up from 41% in 2020.

Fortunately, campgrounds – heeding the pleas of the 48% of campers who rate having Wi-Fi as being important to them on a camping trip – are making it easier than ever to do so. Thus, one of your top camping checklist priorities should be to see if the campground you are considering offers robust internet access. Check out Campedium.com for areas near you.

Staying Connected and Be Eco-friendly

Be Eco-friendly

As our world becomes more conscious of climate change and sustainability efforts, camping supply providers are developing products that are as environmentally friendly as they are efficient. Does your camping checklist include some or all of the following?

  • Self-prepared snacks – Rather than taking along plastic-packaged or -sealed energy bars and other treats, try pre-preparing or making munchies onsite, while storing them in reusable containers. Your family will love having their favorite snacks, like Campfire Queso or Pumpkin Coconut Granola. Need some inspiration? Try these camp-worthy recipes from Delish.
  • Green gear – These days, many tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor necessities are made all or in part with recyclable fabric or other environmentally-safe materials. And popular outdoor provider REI has established its own REI Product Sustainability Standards, ensuring its products meet such Fair Trade Certified standards with respect to animal welfare, environmental management, land stewardship and chemical management. Also, check out Cool of the Wild for lots of eco-friendly camping gear options. They also have some ideas for finding high-quality used gear.
  • Reusable food items. Just say no to plastic bottles and paper plates. These single-use products are worsening the world’s greenhouse gas emissions problem. We recommend bringing beverage containers, dishware and other items that can be easily washed – and used again and again.

Respecting Your Rear

If you’re journeying deep into the woods, far from civilization (and bathrooms), you may be living the latrine life for several days. So, another important no-brainer to include in your cache of camping supplies is environmentally- and backside-friendly toilet paper that will get the job done sustainably.

Bring along some Scott® Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, which is 100% biodegradable and free of perfumes or scents. Boaters and RV users love it, because it won’t clog up their onboard sanitation holding tank. Now, that’s toilet paper for camping.

What are some ways you’re making the camping experience pristine … especially if you’re a camping newbie? Please share tips on camping or your favorite places to camp on social media channels and remember to use #KeepLifeRolling.


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