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Sensible Innovations

It all started when Scott® Brand put bath tissue on a roll.

It's hard to imagine a time when household necessities like bath tissue rolls and paper towels didn't exist. But that was life back in 1879 when brothers Clarence and E. Irvin Scott founded the Scott Paper Company in Philadelphia. Blending their practical savvy with a philosophy of quality products at a fair price, the Scott brothers invented new categories for paper products that simply made sense to the American public.

As the first company to market tissue rolls as toilet paper in the 1890s, Scott® met people's desire for better hygiene while overcoming their Victorian-era embarrassment about the topic. (No easy feat.) In 1907 the company introduced paper towels to help prevent the spread of colds from cloth towels in restrooms. This too caught on, and by 1931 Scott® was selling paper towels as a convenient, sanitary solution for kitchen cleanup as well. Soon after, Scott® debuted the first paper napkins and by 1939 had become the biggest selling brand in the U.S.

Throughout the years, Scott® continued to grow while staying focused on honest quality and practical value. The 1960s saw Scott® Towels as the first available in designer prints. In the 1990s Kimberly-Clark acquired Scott® and later introduced revolutionary fast-absorbing ridges in paper towels. With the more recent launches of Scott Flushable Moist Wipes and Scott® Extra Soft Tissue, Scott® has become the first value brand ever to achieve billion-dollar sales status. Recently, a full line of Scott Towels, Bath Tissue and Napkins has joined Scott® Brand's family of products. So for over a century now, generations of smart shoppers have trusted Scott® for products that won't sacrifice their families' comfort or their wallets.